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& Retire In 8 Years

With our system we can take anyone in the world from zero to retirement in 8 years for free. This is possible because potcoin is worth mere cents right now but will increase in value as our worldwide members are increase in number which will create leverage and passive income. On May 22nd 2010 a developer named Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin and today that amount of bitcoin is worth $100 million. I am psychic and I predict that potcoin will hit $100 with in the next 3 to 5 years because debt is what is triggering legalization of weed. Look at any place that has legalized weed in the last 10 years and you will see that they were in debt up to their eye balls.  Crypto currencies are the future of money and weed will be legalize worldwide within 8 years to 10 years. Potcoin will be one of the top payment methods used by the weed economy worldwide. Our program can be joined for free but in the future most people that see the success of this strategy will join with a paid membership at the start which will allow them to possibly retire in 4 years instead of 8 years. If you can follow our step by step strategy then our system will work for you. There is a possibility that your job will be wiped out by artificial intelligent robots and computers with in the next 5 to 10 years so this can be your plan B. Technology is moving at a fast pace and the real technology is always 40 to 45 years more advanced than what you see today. Watch the 5 videos as proof.

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You Will Never See It Coming

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Making money is just an idea and all you need is just one good idea. The Supreme Move is a strategy designed to free mankind on a financial level. Why am I doing this? Read Psalm 82 and watch these 5 videos. ,  , and . I challenge any person or business that believes in this purpose to join as a free member so you can see the system work first hand. The money to run this program will be created by belief. From my research I have come to the conclusion that if you can get enough people to believe for it to rain at a certain place at a certain time it will indeed rain at that place at the appointed time. The belief of people is the most valuable asset in the world because belief creates reality. Above Top Secret will teach you why your belief creates reality. The 5 steps that show how this program can be free is below and then you will click the link below that to go to the website that gives you instructions on how to join. 



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click on the website link

Step 1. Join as a free member and you will be entered into a $5 drawing every tuesday and thursday. You will have a chance to win $5 in potcoin.

Step 2. Invite as many people that want to retire in 8 years to join as a free member. These people will be your future downline.

Step 3. Do not spend any money that you win in the drawings until you become a novice. I will tell you why at the end.

Step 4. Once the money you have won increases to the value of $240 you will join as a paid member which is $10 a month in pitcoin. It will take no more than 3 years for your money to reach the value of $240 and this is a mathematical certainty. 

Step 5. With a paid membership you will still be entered in the $5 drawing but now you will be entered into a $10 drawing as well. All of the people that you invited to join as a free member will join as a paid member once their money increases to the value of $240 and then you will tell them to join under you. Once you have 4 paying members under you, you become a novice and you will no longer have to pay the $10 monthly payment because we will automatically take it out of your passive income. You will no longer be entered into the $5 or $10 drawings as a novice. You can now start spending money because once you become a novice the system will do all the work and your money will grow exponentially. Go to the website to join and to study the total system which is a master piece once you understand it. 

Step 6. For those that want to make the money fast, we reward you when you recruit new free members. We have a weekly Bonus drawing every Friday were free members and level 1 members that recruit can have a chance to win $10 in potcoin. Just send us an e-mail, with bonus as the subject and with your name and free member number and with the name and free member number of the person you recruited. Send the e-mail to   Level 1 members also have a free member number because they are in 2 drawings but this draw will use the free member number only

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The Most Under Rated New Artist 

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  The Full Album 

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Air Purifying Light Bulbs

Based on a NASA technology currently used to clean and Purify the air on the international space station, now IMPROVED and made affordable for the world

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MLM Recruit On Demand

"Spoon-Fed Marketing"

There are 4.1 billion mobile phones worldwide. 86% of Americans own a mobile phone. 68.7 million are frequent text users. 97% of text messages are opened within 1 hour. 1.56 trillion texts were sent in America last year. 52,083 texts are sent every second. 90% of marketing e-mails are not read. Mobile is no longer the exception. It is the rule. What if you could capitalize on this new reality. For a one time payment of $15 you can get an unlimited lifetime supply of fresh phone numbers of experienced active network marketers that are looking for opportunities plus resale rights to this system so you can make $15 100% commissions paid directly to you. If they are not interested in your main business you will still make money selling them this system. You will not find a system like this anywhere else on the internet.

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$374 Billion Is Spent On Medication Each Year! Now You Can Get A Piece Of The Pie!

Imagine getting paid for saving people money on their prescriptions for free. Now imagine earning a commission each time they save money.

A free prescription savings program, was created to help people across the US and Puerto Rico obtain affordable prescriptions. The card is accepted at over 56,000 major chains and independent pharmacies and provides savings on all FDA approved brand and generic prescriptions with savings ranging from 15% to 85%.

By using our card at the pharmacy, the consumer is guaranteed the lowest price for their prescription medication. This FREE program benefits the uninsured, underinsured, Medicare Part D participants and even those with high deductible health plans or high co-pays. When you give your prescription discount cards away for FREE and when your unique group number is used at a pharmacy to save someone money, you earn a commission every time they save on their prescriptions.

After you join go to your e-mail to get your 2 websites, the link to sign into your back office and to set up how you want to receive your payments!

If you just want to save money on your prescriptions click on the website link to get a card

If you want to make money by saving people money click on this website link and join for free


Help Save The Lives Of All The Women You Know

In this video you will learn that a product that all women must use may have caused some of them to get breast cancer, ovarian cancer, fibroid, vaginal infections and have miscarriages.  When You order I suggest that you order 2 or 3 packs at a time because of the shipping cost.

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Is It Possible To Live

 To Be 200 Years Old

These 4 Companies May Hold The Key

Before you look at them watch this video


watch video first

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Live Cell Research

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Natural Health Response

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This tiny black seed could be the cure for all diseases!

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This could possible cure 97% of diseases! 

Watch the Jim Humble's Story before you go to the site.

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Most diseases are caused because cells are dehydrated.

click on the link see all products and what they do

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100% Free Advertising

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Pay or send money for free using this app, to anyone with a venmo account instantly using money you have in your venmo account or a linked bank account or debit card. If you use a credit card it will be a 3% fee.

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Square Cash

Pay or send money for free with this app to anyone that has a square cash account from your linked bank debit card or linked bank checking account. With this app you have the option to transfer money in your square cash account instantly to your bank account for a 1% fee. It is free for it to be transferred to your account the next day. 

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Every Thing On This Site Is 

Absolutely Free

Just pay shipping and handling

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ALL MAKES & MODELS Up to 95% off retail value

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Smart Money Secret

Repair Your Credit In 30 to 90 Days Without Filing Bankruptcy Or Using A Credit Repair Company.

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Our Worldwide Website  

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